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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Candy War

This war (and make no mistake, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the GWOT will be intractably intertwined in the history books) is being won by the soldiers on the ground. I know, its rote that every war is won by the grunts, and there is truth to that. Some wars are won because the commanders managed not to lose it before their troops could win. Some are won because some genius general turned his army into an extension of his will and imposed himself on the enemy. This war will fall into the former catagory, but uniquely its not the bullets and the bombs that will do the enemy the most damage and our friends the most good.

Jdhooshi produced a sack of candy and began giving it to the flock of children that appeared. The kids mobbed him but he’s an experienced candy man.- Austin Bay in Afghanistan

Just one example of thousands, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read the soldiers blogs and the candy ritual is everpresent. Bush said long ago that this war would take years, perhaps a generation. He's right. And when this generation grows up they will remember it was the religious zealots who brought death and destruction, and it was the American soldiers who brought candy and hope.


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