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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Remind me not to get in a snark fight with Jonah Goldberg

Ouch. Jonah Goldberg absolutely fillets this young Muslim Harvard student who somehow managed to pomposs her way into this NYT op-ed. And Al Gore gets caught in the collateral backblast. Wrong place wrong time Al, no good deed goes unpunished after all.

Jonah is priceless, but even being blistered by wit cannot atone for the utter gall of the NYT in publishing this tripe.

Because I work out with my scarf on, people stare - just as they do on the streets of Cambridge

Well, duh. When I work out in my snowsuit and mittens people stare too. Sorry but most folks just arent that exposed to Muslims, particularly those devout enough to work out in front of men, but wear the hijab for modesty. Sorry, am I judging? Ever wonder if Jews get stared at on occasion for wearing their yamakas? Or Hindus for their bindi? Personally im guessing my Mexican Wrestling mask draws some stares when im blasting my tri's at the Bally's, but im too busy checking out my guns to notice.

And I'm supposed to believe this sort of seething intolerance at a healthclub in Cambridge? Short of Berkeley I cant think of a much more welcoming place. Heck, being dragged into the street by her brothers and lit on fire as an honor killing would probably draw scattered applause from the humanities department. 'Way to uphold your ancient culture fellas! Hey, whats with those rocks?'

Mr. Gore had gotten off his machine behind me, picked up my keys, handed them to me and then resumed his workout. It was nothing more than a kind gesture, but at that moment Mr. Gore's act represented all that I yearned for - acceptance and acknowledgment.
Thank god he was there. And surely this whole story of angst and persecution wasnt concocted later as a meaningful preamble to Al Gore picking her up keys. Surely not.

Its hard to imagine what kind of a person feels empowered by the inventor of the internet handing over a set of keys, but doesnt seem particularly enfranchised being enrolled in the most reknowned institution of higher learning in the nation (take that Yalee!). This is how America treats its lowest caste, we send them to Havard and give them ink to waste in the New York Times. Fine, I wear it with pride.


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