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Friday, June 24, 2005

The Schmozz Comes to Washington

The term 'schmozz' (or screwjob) comes to us from the world of professional wrestling. A schmozz is usually considered a cheap out, where at the logical finale of a match some form of artificial (moreso than usual) confusion is introduced to prevent a clean ending. This often (but not always) takes the form of a number of wrestlers not involved in that particular match storming the ring and spurring a double disqualification. The schmozz is usually considered poor booking by smart wrestling fans, because:

1. It is uncreative. The schmozz has been done to death.
2. It promises a resolution and then denies it to us. Nobody likes a tease.
3. It is almost always done to protect the reputations of the wrestlers ('heat'), as opposed to giving the fans what they paid for.

But the main reason people hate the schmozz is because it is a clear indication that the writers didn't know what else to do.

Well, i've always said that wrastling is just a form of politics with cooler outfits. The schmozz wasnt invented by wrestlers, they just coined the term. Its the oldest trick in the book in politics as well. To wit:

"The war to remove the Taliban government from power was over in 2001 and the president has said the mission was a success," said Jennifer Crider, Mrs. Pelosi's press secretary.

Actually, the famous 'mission accomplished' banner referred to Iraq, and in fact even that wasnt an accurate attack, as the banner belonged to the ship, which was returning to port. A schmozz inside a schmozz.

That, of course, is just one small example of what the opposition has been reduced to. We see it constantly in the torture allegations, when discussing conditions at Guantanamo, allegations relating to Abu Ghraib or Iraq always sneak into the discussion as though they were the same place. Someone invariably brings up the dozens of deaths in detention, when to our best knowledge no prisoner has ever died at Guantanamo Bay. Democrats and their media allies happily mix and match Iraq, Afghanistan, and the GWOT as it suits them, while often reminding us that Iraq is not the same as Afghanistan. Brazen hypocracy. Pelosi, Durbin, and the rest of the 'anti-war but wont admit it crowd' have taken the intellectual gloves off and are throwing everything against the wall hoping something will stick. It is a schmozz in every sense of the word. Call them on it. Demand a point by point explanation of their arguments, and object when the ad hominem begins (almost instantly you can bet). The Schmozz works in wrestling because its a story being told, not a dialog. We need to make sure the dialog continues and the idiotarian propaganda is challenged at every turn.



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