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Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Study in Incoherence

Nancy Pelosi is the gift that keeps on giving. Confirming that Galt's Law is firmly at work, the Democrats Minority Leader of the House made some really strange comments recently:

"I assume that the war in Afghanistan is over, or is the contention that you have that it continues?" she said to a reporter. A few moments later, she said: "This isn't about the duration of the war. The war in Afghanistan is over."

Huh? I assume Pelosi knows we have many thousands of US troops in Afghanistan who would beg to differ with her. From Stratedy Page:

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Camp Wiped Out
June 23, 2005: In several days of fighting, American warplanes, and Afghan troops, chased several dozen Taliban from a town in southern Afghanistan, found their camp and attacked it. Some 76 Taliban were killed, and another 30 were captured, including several leaders.

Is it just me, or might it seem to the average American (not to mention the soldiers in country) that Pelosi is more interested in making hay about Guantanamo than in dealing with very real threats in Afghanistan? Combine this with Dick Durbin and you might just get the idea that a new plank in the DNC platform is Terrorists Rights. Good luck in '06.

But aside from being flip and unserious, Pelosi compounds her inanity with this, via her spokeswoman Jennifer Crider:

"One of the main reasons that our troops continue to be attacked by al Qaeda and Taliban fighters today is because President Bush decided to invade Iraq, diverting critical resources needed to secure Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the demands of the war in Iraq have made the job of our brave troops in Afghanistan much more difficult," the spokeswoman said.

That's part of her defense for why she said the war was over in Afghanistan. Completely incoherent. The war is over, but we are still fighting the enemy, and even though we won we still didnt provide enough troops (due to Iraq) and hence we are still fighting the war. The war that is over. Can anybody make heads or tails of this? My best guess is that the talking points from'03 got mixed up with the current ones, but it's hard to say.