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Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Bad Qaeda Mistake

Bombing London was a disasterously stupid move for our Al Qaeda enemies. The Brits are now in this up to their ears, and for their own reasons.

Andrew Sullivan posts this email from a British reader:

Londoners (Brits) will fight back. That is obvious. Always have always will. One thing I've got to disagree with you on is that there will be a push for policy change but not for the reason Galloway and others suggest. Brits will demand that we hand over the calm south to Iraqis and move troops (in particular SAS) to Afghanistan. There are some people in the mountains that we need to settle a score with.

This may well be true. It will cause us some problems in Iraq, but it will cause some major Al Qaeda problems everywhere else on the globe. The Brits dont play around. Its been grimly humerous to hear all the criticism of American tactics in places like Guantanimo, when such tactics are a joke compared to what the British and French intelligence agencies resort to when necessary.
I think the main thing that is going to happen is that the Brits are going to step out of the second fiddle role and start running things their way. That is bad news for AQ in Afghanistand and Pakistan, the SAS is the best special forces formation in the world and the English are liable to have all kinds of historic ties and connections in the region. If the Americans are worried about Pakistani soveriegnty, I doubt the British will have such compunction at this point. American objections arent going to slow down the SAS if and when they are let off the leash.

Things are a bit shaky in Afghanistan right now. The Taliban seem to have gotten used to American doctrine and may be resurgent. Several thousand angry Brits rolling in country is not going to help their outlook. We have very different ways of doing things, and a change of pace is a good way of keeping the enemy off balance, perhaps toppling him once and for all.


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