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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8

So you ask me, how was the much anticipated Live 8? Excellent question. But despite giving up 10 hours of my Saturday to check it out, I still have no idea. Little tip to the idiot MTV producers who patched together the vapid, ADD laced abortion that was this broadcast... show the music at least a glimmer of respect. Pink Floyd reunites and I get Comfortably Numb cut off, and even that talked over by some idiot VJs busy telling us how monumental this reunion is? I know its monumental, thats why you have to shut up! And Floyd was the only band that got any kind of air time.
That being said, what bits and peices of music that did manage to somehow sneak into the broadcast between clueless hosts pretend they have a clue what they are trying to accomplish with the event and interviews with even more clueless bands... was good! Even inspired. Look, I get it, the music is the lure, the movement is what counts. I'm happy to listen to Bobby Geldof, or Bono, or anybody with two thoughts to rub together. But if the choice is insipid VJ X fawning over Mariah Carey for her opinion on global poverty (and her outfit), and seeing an actual, well, perfomance... i'll take the music thank very much. Even if it is antithetical to all MTV stands for these days. Youd think with an 11 hour broadcast featuring world class bands in half a dozen cities around the world, a little music might make its way in. Particular when it became brutally clear that the VJ hosts had exhausted their knowledge of the issues well within the first 2 minutes of the broadcast. Personally i'd rather hear Cold Play tune their guitars for 10 minutes rather than Vanessa parrot some garbled demands to G8 for the 1000th time.
Well, maybe in another 20 years when we've dumped another trillion into the African thugacracies coffers and the next concert is scheduled someone who actually appreciates music will be running the telecast.


  • At 7:36 PM, Blogger Redneck Texan said…

    From what little I saw, it made me glad I am not "cool" anymore.

    Good luck with that whole "stamping out poverty" thing too.

    I thought MTV did a poor job of cramming their liberal propaganda down the throats of their target audience as well. They had to explain what the G8 was, before they could explain how all the world's problems were due to the rich nations.

  • At 6:30 AM, Blogger Pofarmer said…

    As soon as somebody figures out you can't stamp out poverty by handing somebody bills, then we'll be all set.


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